Explaining Earthplay's Bad Astronomy and Science.

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Due to legal complaints by Earthplay, the previous version of this page was deleted from Cosmophobia. This is a modified version of that page. The following points should be made very clear:

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Earthplay has made many FALSE allegations against Cosmophobia, including the following:

  • That this page was the work of Dr David Morrison. FALSE. Dr. Morrison is not associated with this site, and has no control over its content. This site is built and maintained by a group of amateur astronomers who are not associated with any government agency of any country, including NASA.
  • That a team of scientists from NASA were involved - "he had to have his whole staff, you know, as thorough as they were, working on this, and following me". FALSE. This page is written by one amateur astronomer.
  • That "NASA credentials" were used to make a website about him. FALSE.
  • That government resources were used to "track" and "stalk" him across the internet, including methods that are not available to the general public. FALSE. All of Earthplay's quotes were obtained from publicly accessible sources - YouTube archives of public radio shows, public chat rooms, and public websites. All of these sources could easily have been found by any member of the public simply by using Google.
  • That "exorbitant" sums of money were spent in doing this. FALSE. All sources were free of charge.
  • That copyrighted material was stolen from Terraformingearth dot net. FALSE. One image from Terraformingearth was reproduced on Cosmophobia. This was a graphic image that was being used as a "representation" of Earthplay. However, this was later found to be identical to an image of a D.J. named "Mark with A K", which looked nothing like Earthplay:
  • That his website was "broken into" to obtain material. FALSE. The image was freely viewable by anybody who visited the page:
  • That "they followed me around, EVERY radio show that I have EVER even been on, my radio shows, EVERY chat room". FALSE. Earthplay's science is consistently and reliably bad, therefore taking an occasional sample of it was all that was needed to characterize it. There were long periods when absolutely nothing was written about him.
  • That is no longer open to the public. FALSE.

Earthplay (23:00 onwards "I found out recently that now that it's a password only site, it's not open to the public any more. Yeah. It requires a user name, password, and credentials." does not require any such things.

Note that in none of the above does he address any of the actual science.

Earthplay and his supporters are free to join our forum (free of charge) and present arguments against the scientific information contained on this page. Any errors found, if supported by sufficient evidence, will be corrected. This same offer was made to Earthplay on two previous occasions, with no response.

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On the same day that the page was removed, the site administrator received an email from Earthplay, but addressed to David Morrison, which stated: "Dr David Morrison from NASA .I will not tolerate your stalking, defimation, and hurtful behavior. Be advised." (errors in original). This supports the idea that Earthplay feels that NASA, and Dr. David Morrison in particular are behind this site.


Earthplay's scientific output is almost entirely via the spoken word, with very little written material. His platforms have included:

  • "The Sciences of 2012", a public chatroom on Paltalk. This ended with the total failure of the predicted cosmic events of December 2012.
  • Earthplay's "Ancient Observatory", "The Wake Up Project", and other public chatrooms on Paltalk.
  • Four websites:-

  • As a guest or caller on radio talk shows on New Revolution Radio, Freedomizer Radio, Freedomslips Radio, and others including shows with pseudoscientist Terral Croft. Earthplay has since disassociated himself from Terral.
  • Earthplay also produced his own weekly radio show, "Terraforming The Earth" on Freedomslips Radio.

Some of the radio shows on which Earthplay has appeared:

Terraforming Earth With Bill Hayes and Earthplay 1/12/13 -

Terraforming earth with Earthplay and Billy 01 19 2013 -

Terraforming Earth with Rick and Billy 02 02 2013 -

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Terraforming Earth -01/05/2013 -

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Toxic Reality Radio Nov 21, 2011 Causic, Deacon John and Rick Earthplay -

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Freedomslips, 26th Sept 2012


Nearly all of Earthplay's "science" involves disasters or dangers of some sort. There are several recurring themes:

  • Making failed predictions.
  • Misrepresenting scientific news stories from the media, distorting the science and making the findings appear far more dangerous than they really are.
  • Reporting newly discovered phenomena as if they have only recently started to occur, claiming that these supposedly "new" phenomena are evidence of "Earth changes" or changes to the Solar System. In each of these cases, he fails to convey that it is the DISCOVERY of the phenomenon that is new, not the phenomenon itself.
  • Reporting normal Earthquake and Volcanic activity in a manner that suggests it is "unusual" or "alarming" in some way.
  • Reporting instances of cold weather and cold-related deaths of humans or animals as "evidence" of an imminent Ice Age.
  • Exaggerating the extent, severity, and longevity of problems arising from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Fukushima nuclear power plant, and other human activities.

Some examples from these categories will now be given:

Failed Predictions

  • Nemesis and 14 months of Hell.

Earthplay: "I've been telling people for over 2 years, that I am concerned about our position in space around October the 17th .. we'll be in a visual, magnetic, or electrical alignment to the constellation of Ophiuchus .. I truly believe that this is gonna be our Nemesis." July 2011.

Nothing happened. A magnetic or electrical alignment to a constellation is physically meaningless.

"This is a prediction of Earthplay the Great - you can write it down on your calendar - world wide storms, earthquakes, volcanoes .. everyone on Earth will get a wake up call. This is a prediction, for October the 17th, in that area .. The Hopi's have already bugged out, man, they've already headed underground .. solar flares are gonna start in earnest." August 2011.

Nothing happened.

"I would leave well before October, September/October, yeah, the 14 months of Hell that I've been telling you about, when we move to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane. That's pretty serious."

Nothing happened.

  • DECEMBER 2012. The big fail.

Earthplay was a relentless propagator of the idea that something bad, or even catastrophic, would occur on the 21st of December 2012. Those who understood the underlying science knew all along that there was nothing astronomically significant about this date, and were confident that nothing would happen. And of course nothing did.

Earthplay: "I firmly believe that something IS gonna happen December the 21st of 2012. I'm absolutely convinced of it. There is no doubt in my mind."

"I would say about 95 over 5, about 95 percent sure that we will experience some kind of an event, a cosmic event, in the neighborhood of between December 20th to the 23rd, 24th .. If we were hit by a powerful enough gamma ray burst, galactic outburst or superwave .. I think that that's the type of energy we're gonna be hit with, I'm convinced of it, 22 other civilizations were convinced of it as well."

"I have been one of the proponents of the people saying that I believe that something will happen on December 21st of 2012 .. when you start looking back in the historical antiquity of ancient civilizations it turns out that there are 22 civilizations that come up with that date exactly. The winter solstice of 2012 .. it's the closest that we get to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane and 1 degree to the galactic center."

"If I was living down in South America, I'd be packing up my $#!t and leaving, y'know I really would, getting this close to 2012, December 21st of 2012."

Earthplay based his beliefs on the following:

  • The "warnings" from 22 ancient civilizations. Which he wrongly considered as superior to modern astronomy.
  • An alignment with the galactic plane and the galactic center. Which he misunderstood.
  • Precession of the Equinoxes. Which he misunderstood.

Earthplay expounded these beliefs at great length. The following is only a short example:

"the date is right .. the Earth, the Sun, the galactic plane, and the galactic centre, will be within a 7 degree alignment, the closest alignment that we ever come to it, and that happens every 13 and 26,000 years, as we approach the galactic plane above and below, and actually that's one precessionary orbit .. this is what 2012 is all about, the beginning and the end of the precession of the equinox, which both begin and end in a place called the constellation of Ophiucus .. it takes 26 thousand years for it to make one galactic orbit .. but as we get closer and closer to the end of our precession of the equinox were actually closer to the milky way galaxy than at any time in 26000 years, this is as close as we come to the milky way, this is where we both begin and end precession." .. "I'm a big proponent of the messages of antiquity and ancient civilizations, I researched 22 of them myself personally, and they all kind of allude or point to these celestRial [sic] alignments, and there's also the geological evidence that these cycles, although coincidental, all line up with our precession of the equinox, the beginning and the end." .. "on December 21st of 2012 IS the Winter solstice, there is no doubt in that, there will be an alignment with the Earth, the Sun, the galactic plane, and the galactic center, which only ever happens every 13 and 26,000 years, and in the geological record, during the last time that we were in this part of space .. lots of extinctions that happened."

What Earthplay did not understand:

- Alignment of the Earth, Sun, and Galactic Plane occurs EVERY YEAR, not every 13,000 or 26,000 years.
- Alignment is caused by the Earth's annual orbit around the Sun, NOT by precession or by our motion through the galaxy.
- Alignment is only a visual illusion, having no bearing on our physical relationship to the Galactic Plane or Galactic Center.
- Galactic plane crossings occur every tens of millions of years, not every 26,000 years.

- Precession of the Equinoxes is not a "galactic orbit", or any other type of orbit.
- Precession is entirely local to the Earth (a drift in the direction of it's axis) and has nothing to do with "approaching the galactic plane".
- Precession does not "begin" or "end" at any particular point, it is a continuous process and has no more of a beginning or end to it than does a circle.

- Neither Precession nor Alignment bring us back to "this part of space".

When absolutely nothing happened on December 21st, Earthplay simply said "I was wrong". He has made no apology, as far as is known, for having fearfully misled so many people for so long. He also stated: "I'm still at a loss as to how these ancient civilizations could have been so…off."

  • THE "IBEX WAVE", December 2012.

Earthplay misinterpreted the findings of the IBEX spacecraft, which had detected a flow of particles from the edge of the solar system:

"I actually think that all hell is gonna break loose. I can feel it in my bones .. December 1st they quit reporting in real time everything, everything, and you guys are all aware of that, earthquakes, solar data, all of these things. It's an actual thing, this wave will come through, hit our solar system on the 17th .. But if you're out of the direct contact with this wave, you know, which are microwaves, infra red, ultra violet, and x-rays, and gamma rays, you can't see it, but you sure as hell will feel it .. I have a place in mind where I can get into a concrete structure .. I'm being told that its gonna melt the glaciers, it's gonna boil the oceans for, you know, several minutes. It's gonna be really bad."

In fact, IBEX detected Energetic Neutral Atoms. These are particles, NOT "microwaves, infra red, ultra violet, and x-rays, and gamma rays".
The particles constitute a low level trickle - there is no "wave" that sweeps across or past us.
The particles obviously did not, and cannot, melt glaciers or boil oceans!

Further information:

"If on December the 17th, or December the 21st, or December the 23rd, none of us are able to get on the internet again, I want you to think of these words: Earthplay told you so."

That was three failed predictions in one week.


Using his own "system", Earthplay predicted a major earthquake in the USA within 6 days of January 8th, and serious earthquakes during the following 3 weeks. None of these occurred.

Earthplay: "there's gonna be a large earthquake somewhere around San Diego, maybe from the Baja Bay of California. It's getting way serious .. By my complicated system, that would be unrecognizable to an average person .. I've kept trends and geological events here for about the last 18 months. I do expect to see a MAJOR event in the next 140 hours."

There were NO major earthquakes in the USA during that period.

He continued: "This is about as serious as I get .. there has been a mass exodus, mass animal migrations .. on a scale that went from white to black to red, we're in the red .. I'm trying to get reports from the San Diego and the San Francisco zoo .. the elephants and the larger mammals .. how they're reacting .. when you keep statistical graphs and data, and you see an exponential rise in everything going to the top of the graph, well once everything hits the top of the graph, you need a new graph .. gonna encompass about 12 states .. January the 12th, through about February the 3rd .. In 5.8 days it will be off of the chart."

During that period there were NO large earthquakes in the USA.

  • Earthplay also predicted that earthquakes would "reach a crescendo" towards the end of 2012.

In fact there was a decrease in earthquakes towards the end of the year, and there were less overall than in previous years.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

In addition to the failed earthquake predictions above, Earthplay's "reports" on Earthquake activity were misleading and alarmist, replete with phrases such as "it's off the chart" - "unusual activity" - activity "just jumped off the scale" - activity is "increasing exponentially" - "violent activity on a scale that I've never witnessed in my lifetime" - "earthquakes are up 400 percent" - "it's getting real serious".

In fact, there is NO increasing trend in either earthquake or volcanic activity:

- The US Geological Survey states: "Earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant."
- Seismologist Paul Earle states: "We have not seen any statistical increase in the number of earthquakes if you look back over the tens and hundreds of years."
- The British Geological Survey states: "Recent devastating earthquakes [..] might give the impression that earthquake activity is increasing. In fact, a quick look at earthquake statistics over the last 20 years shows that this is not the case."
- The Pacific Disaster Centre states: "There is no evidence that earthquakes are becoming more frequent, it is simply that more earthquakes are being recorded, especially small ones, as extensive world-wide monitoring networks continue to expand. The number of large earthquakes, however, remains stable year in and year out."
- The Global Volcanism Program states: "the number of confirmed erupting volcanoes has leveled off between 50 and 70 per year through the past four decades, and a linear regression line through the data indicates that volcanism has been virtually constant." See


Despite the above consensus from geologists, Earthplay insists on telling people that there has been a "400 percent increase". He bases this on a single European "geological report" which he claims to have seen, but for which he refuses to provide any links or references. When asked for information on this report he becomes agitated, makes excuses, and tells people to go and search for it themselves:

Earthplay: "the earthquakes, the volcanoes, the sinkholes, landslides, which are all up 400 percent in this decade over the last century. Now that is startling." .. "the European Union of geologist report earthquake and volcanic activity is up 400% in this decade over the last century. (feel free to search engine these comments)." .. "the European Geological Society in February of 2010, where they reported that the earthquake activity had an exponential rise of 400 percent from the year 2000 to the year 2010" .. "I've been able to find the European union of Geologists report, for February 2010, you can look it up, it's not easy to get though, you can find it, lot of hoop jumping and link clicking."

This report either does not exist, or if it does, Earthplay has misunderstood some statistics in it. Also, we should consider the sheer improbability that earthquakes AND volcanoes AND sinkholes AND landslides have all increased by the exact same figure of 400 percent over the same period!


Earthplay: "The USGS does not report earthquakes in real time any more, one hour after the event they'll put up a orange dot, but you won't see red dots on that map any more .. On USGS you won't see any red dots any more, you can look at that map for 2,3,4,5,6 hours, you'll never see a red dot."

Wrong. The USGS still indicate the latest earthquakes with red dots.

Astronomical scares and nonsense


It was announced that the space probe "Pamela" had discovered small quantities of antimatter in the upper atmosphere. Earthplay turned this innocuous story into a major threat:

"There is a layer around the Earth of antimatter, that is trapped between the magnetic fields … if that magnetic field should ever drop … there would probably be a big explosion, at the very least a fireball, outside the circumference of the Earth. It would probably vaporize the atmosphere."

Antimatter sounds dangerous when we hear of it being used in bombs or fictional Star Trek warp engines, but we need to consider the quantity and longevity of the particles. In fact, very little antimatter was found by the Pamela probe. 28 antiprotons were detected in two years of searching. To put this into perspective, one cubic meter of air contains about 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 molecules! The antiparticles can not accumulate over time because they are constantly being annihilated by meeting with particles of ordinary matter. Earthplay's "atmosphere vaporizing" antimatter fireball is nothing but a scaremongering fantasy.

Further information:


Earthplay: "that was moving towards the Earth, huge green blob, and that it would be here in 100,000 years, well they determined that that green blob was pure Oxygen .. When that cloud of Oxygen moves into our solar system, and encounters something like the Sun, it will ignite, and it will burn everything in the cloud until all that Oxygen is consumed .. I think that when such a cloud like that moves into our solar system, there's just gonna be a huge fireball."

The cloud is known as Hanny's Voorwerp. It is NOT coming to our solar system in 100,000 years. It is not even in our galaxy! It is about 650 million light years away. About the same distance as Galaxy IC 2497. Even if it was heading towards us at light speed (which it isn't) it would take 650 million years to get here. The Oxygen in this 300-light-year-long gaseous tidal streamer is so tenuous that if it were on Earth it would be called a vacuum. It cannot create a "fireball".

Further information:


"it says that NASA reveals a massive halo of hot gas surrounding the envelope of our Universe, Solar System excuse me .. Elevated, let's see what is it, elevated microwaves, infra red, ultra violet, x-rays, and gamma rays .. Now either we're a wave is sweeping across, and probably straight through, our Solar System."

In fact, the cloud in question surrounds our Galaxy. NOT the Universe. NOT our Solar System. It cannot be "sweeping across" us. It was discovered by observing the ABSORPTION of x-rays, which Earthplay somehow turned into "elevated" x-rays. He also added "gamma" to make it sound more dangerous. The rest of this radio programme (Freedomslips, 26th Sept 2012) was full of similarly garbled "science news".


Earthplay: "Solar particles infiltrating the Earth's atmosphere. You guys know that I've been talking about this, how the solar wind neutralizes the magnetic field of the Earth because they're the same, the same energy, they complement one another, so the solar wind is able to penetrate and get further and deeper into the Earth's atmosphere, WELL TODAY THEY FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGED THAT."

This phenomenon, known as a Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) has been known FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY. About 100 GLE's have been observed in the last 70 years. The largest ever observed was in 1956. They are detected by Neutron Monitors, which were invented in 1948.

He continued: "an M-class flare exploded from the Sun. The eruption also shot out a burst of solar particles .. the shower created WHAT IS NOW BEING CALLED a Ground Level Enhancement from solar activity. Did you understand what they were saying there?! .."

GLE's have been called that for decades. The words "is now being called" did not appear in the report that he was reading from. He added them.

".. This is the first time they've ever acknowledged or said anything of this .."

Science has "acknowledged" AND HAS BEEN MEASURING these events for decades.

".. they had always led the public to believe that this interaction could only happen with satellites, telecommunication, maybe power grids, etc, etc"

Wrong again. It is public knowledge that there is a worldwide array of ground based neutron detectors, feeding a publicly searchable database at

Further information:
Characteristics of ground-level enhancement–associated solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar energetic particles -
Modeling of the solar energetic particles recorded at Neutron Monitors -


"we are very close to the Dark Rift in the constellation of Ophiuchus, and now we're starting to encounter some of the, I don't wanna say forces or energies, let's just call it dust an minute gasses and other forms of inert energy, at least for right now. This is the edge of the Dark Rift." .. "within the constellation of ophiucus, which we do pass through for 31 days, 2 years ago we passed right through it, it's called the Dark Rift."

We are hundreds of light years from the Dark Rift. We do not encounter any part of it.
Further information:


"There is a pervasive magnetic and photonic wave, I guess would be the best description, that has permeated and swept through and past our solar system .. it left some measurable changes in the entire solar system .. a report that interior mass of Jupiter was beginning to dissolve or break up .. because with spectrographic analysis type of instruments they can read the mass inside the plasma of the jovian atmosphere".

In fact, Jupiter's core was not "beginning to dissolve", it had been doing so for MILLIONS OF YEARS. The original research paper stated; "The amount of core material redistributed OVER THE LIFETIME OF THE PLANET could be on the orders of tens of percent for a planet of Jupiter size". Earthplay misrepresented this as an event that had only recently started to occur. And there was no "photonic wave".

Also, this finding was not made by "spectrographic analysis" of the "mass inside the plasma" - it came from theoretical calculations regarding the chemistry of rock solubility in fluid hydrogen. This is an example of how Earthplay often inserts completely irrelevant technical terms.


Earthplay: "Normally the solar system is at a 60 degree angle to the milky way galaxy .. But now we throw in a thing called the Precession of the Equinox .. we move to within 7 degrees of the galactic plane .. we've been moving actually since 1998, our declination our orientation, to the milky way galaxy has changed. The Earth's axis and tilt and all that, has not changed, but the Solar System itself .. and in 2012 we'll start moving back, tilting back, the Sun will start back to an axis of 60 degrees from the milky way, and the whole solar system will follow it."

Utter nonsense! In fact, Precession has nothing to do with the angle of the solar system within the galaxy, it is a change in the direction of the Earth's axis. If the solar system had actually tilted, as Earthplay claimed, it would have been very obvious - an altered Ecliptic would mean that planets would pass across different constellations than normal. We did not see this.

He continued: "Usually it runs across in both hemispheres, north and southern hemisphere, you can see the milky way galaxy from anywhere on Earth at any time, big old band at 60 degrees in the heavens. Well it isn't like that any more, we can still see it, but more of a southern declination."

Wrong. The Milky Way is still visible at an angle of about 60 degrees TO THE ECLIPTIC (the plane in which the planets orbit). This angle does NOT determine the angle at which we see the Milky Way in our sky against the horizon, that angle depends on the observers position on Earth and the time of observation. The following video clearly shows the changing angle of the Milky Way as the Earth rotates:


Earthplay (spoken): "in the constellation of Orion, one of them is called Bellergeeze [Betelgeuse] and the other one is Sirus, and both of these stars, I mean these are hyper giants .. if Bellergeeze supernovas it will cause Sirus to supernova, and if Sirus supernovas it will cause Bellergeeze, they're in the same constellation."

In fact, stars in constellations such as Orion only appear as a group because of line-of-sight effects, they are actually a vast distance apart. They would appear to each other as pin-points of light. The timing of Type II supernovas is determined by how quickly they use up their nuclear fuels, and that depends on their mass and age. Each of them will supernova when processes within them reach a certain point, NOT when other stars go supernova.
Also, there is no star "Sirus" in Orion, and Betelgeuse is not a "hypergiant".


Earthplay propagated the idea that the Sun is from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. It is not. This story was published by "Viewzone" magazine among others. It was claimed that the tilt of the Solar System could only be "explained" if the Sun was part of a stream of stars from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy which orbits our galaxy at an angle. The writers of the article (and Earthplay) did not understand the difference between "the plane in which the planets orbit the Sun" and "the plane in which the Sun orbits the galaxy". These are two very different things.

The astronomers who did the original research published a disclaimer to correct this erroneous interpretation of their work:
"The Sun is NOT from the Sagittarius Galaxy" -
Astronomer Phil Plait has also debunked this - "Why the Sun is NOT from the Sagittarius Galaxy" -


The following serves as an example of just how many scientific errors Earthplay can pack into a short space:

Earthplay: "We have just discovered in the last 2 years these huge Coronal Holes are opening up,"
Wrong. They were discovered in the 1960's.

",huge vortexes opening up like whirlpools,"
Wrong. They are areas where the sun's magnetic field lines are less curved, pointing straight out into space.

",that are pulling material, surface material off of the Sun and pulling it deep, deep, into the interior of the sun,"
Wrong. The "holes" are in the Sun's upper atmosphere, the Corona, and they let material OUT, not down. This is like confusing a gap in the clouds with a hole in the ground.

",as a result, just like in a black hole or any other massive force like that, that is consuming so much raw energy like these vortexes,"
Meaningless nonsense.

",a matter stream of gammas come shooting right out of the middle of them,"
Gamma rays are not "matter", they are massless electromagnetic waves.

",and in our case it's shooting Gammas and X-rays right at the Earth,"
Wrong. Coronal Holes emit LESS Gamma and X-rays than surrounding areas. They were first discovered in images of the Sun taken in U.V. and X-rays. They appear darker in these images because they emit LESS radiation. What Coronal holes DO emit is the faster but less dense component of the Solar Wind.

",the Coronal holes I think were discovered by the Russians."
Wrong. They were discovered from the American Skylab.

  • Earthplay's logic.

"I'm not sure that I'm willing to follow astrophysicists any more, because in the last 2 years we have made so many fantastic discoveries about our own sun."

He will not be following astrophysicists - because of the fantastic discoveries made BY ASTROPHYSICISTS!

Planet Earth and Climate


Earthplay: "the Earth changes is not an exterior or something coming from space .. I have come across information recently, talking with individuals that this is all a result of the core of the Earth. They're taking pictures of it, they have determined that it is spinning in the opposite direction of the mass of the planet."

Wrong. What the research actually showed was that the Earth's core rotates in the same direction as the planet, but fractionally faster, about 0.1 to 1 degrees every million years.

Further information:


Earthplay propagates the myth that "the Schumann resonance is changing". It is not. The Schumann frequency is basically determined by the physical dimensions of a global resonant cavity. There are small diurnal and other variations in the frequency but no long term drift. A detailed explanation is available here -
Earthplay also somehow manages to confuse the Schumann frequency with the entirely unconnected resonant frequency of Hydrogen.


Earthplay: "The storm of the century is coming, January 15th. You can write that down on your calendars. I have PREDICTED this .. it's gonna come in and settle here for a while. You're just gonna have to write it down on a calendar and trust me, or you can start talking to some meteorologists, who are scared to f***g death, they have never seen anything like this .. I can't tell you how I know it, my word is always good .. gonna be a crippling storm, it's beyond biblical proportion .. massive and historical and biblical in nature, and I think that there's gonna be many, many, many, deaths associated with it .. then when it does begin to move to the east, and the east coast, it's gonna be even worse, and I hate to think about when it hits the UK, because it's only going to intensify, as it crosses the Atlantic and gain more momentum. I'm positive that this is gonna happen. There is no doubt in my mind that this is gonna happen."

In reality, the storm did not "settle here for a while", it moved around then fell apart.
It did not "intensify as it crossed the Atlantic".
It did not hit the UK.
It was far from "beyond biblical proportion". Biblical proportion refers to major disasters with thousands of deaths, or cataclysmic events so immense they bring to mind biblical accounts of horrific catastrophes.
The "many, many, many, deaths" that he predicted did not occur. There were 24 in the US and Canada, in incidents of the sort that can happen in any bad winter (for comparison, the 1993 storm caused 300 deaths).

  • ICE AGE? Not now.

Earthplay is a proponent of an imminent Ice Age. To support this theory he "cherry picks" the data - he reports instances of cold weather in preference to instances of hot weather - he reports glaciers that are growing in preference to the larger number that are shrinking - he reports a slight increase in Antarctic sea ice in preference to the much larger losses in the Arctic:

Earthplay: "I personally think that we're headed into a major climate shift, serious, like a minor ice age, maybe a major. I think so. Cos I got some reports here today, the new reports just came out, Antarctic sea ice reaches record highs .. Every day there's a global warming story of how the ice caps have melted, the sea ice is at an all time low. And its exactly the opposite. This year. THIS year .. the last 2 years in a row have seen record breaking sea ice coverage".

One of Earthplay's principal sources is the crank "Ice Age Now" website, run by Robert Felix.
Here are a few references to Felix and his theories:

  • Conclusion.

Earthplay's talks on scientific topics are riddled with misunderstandings, exaggerations, and factual errors. More often than not these are slanted in the direction of increased danger and fear. Unfortunately, to the less scientifically aware listener, Earthplay can sound very convincing due to the confident manner in which he uses scientific terms. This confidence however belies a deep lack of understanding of fundamental scientific principles, laws, equations, calculations, basic physical properties of matter and energy, their behavior and interactions.

Once again, please note that these are observations regarding Earthplay's astronomy and science. This is not a personal attack.


Earthplay has previously claimed that he has been "quoted out of context". This has never been the case. On this page, for reasons of clarity and brevity, some of his quotes have been reduced in length, with two dots (..) indicating where irrelevant text has been omitted. The full, unbroken, verbatim quotes, including all necessary context, along with more footnotes and references, are available on the original pages at 2012hoax:


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